Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A virtuous and a Christian-like conclusion-- To pray for them that have done scathe to us.

Okay—this may piss some folk off, but….

File this under “You Can Dish It Out, But You Can’t Take It.”

Saw an article on the interwebs the other day about Bill O’Reilly going ballistic on Dick Wolf, the executive producer of the Law & Order shows. Of course, I hunted down the video clips…. Based on one line uttered by a fictional character in the context of an hour long TV drama, Mr. O’ Reilly accused Mr. Wolf of defamation of character. [But hasn’t followed up with a lawsuit yet]

The show was about a nut job that was killing immigrant children so they couldn’t take jobs, etc. away from “real” Americans. Here’s the scene in question so you can have a frame of reference:

ICE-T, "LAW & ORDER" STAR: I don't get why you are defending this wacko.
It's a symptom, not the disease.
That symptom killed three kids.
Garrison, Limbaugh, Beck, O'Reilly, all of them. They're like a cancer spreading ignorance and hate. I mean, they have convinced folks that immigrants are the problem, not corporations that fail to pay a living wage or a broken health care system.
Save the soap box, Randy. The cameras aren't even running.

O’Reilly went on to call Wolf a “coward” for putting that out there. And continued his rant for more than 5 minutes—contradicting himself left and right, by the way. [read the Huffington Post article breaking it down—linked via O’Reilly’s name above.] Really, Bill? After all the things you’ve said about a number of people?

That’s all I’m gonna say for now—have at me folks.

# # #

File this under “It’s a Shame They’re All Gonna Burn In Hell”

My older gay brother works as a kid wrangler for Broadway shows—currently he’s the head wrangler for Billy Elliott. He has opened 20 shows on Broadway and about half that many on the road. Oddly enough his career started as a whim. His partner [of 35 years! Straight people aren’t making it that long!!] was performing in the first national tour of Les Miz and the person who was watching the kids quit. The two of them missed each other terribly so my brother-in-law asked my brother if he’d be interested in doing the guardian job. And a new life’s calling was born….
[He still keeps in touch with a number of his past charges, many of whom have gone on to successful adult show biz careers.]

On occasion some of the young actors in his charge have come from fundamentalist Christian families. Suffice it to say the parents aren’t happy when they learn that their children are in the care of a gay man. Then their kid works with my brother and loves him—they all do, he is awesome at his job. My brother says they wind up with the attitude above and are quite surprised that they actually like a gay person.

Okay, that should keep you all busy for awhile.....


  1. I think all talk shows hosts are self-appointed intellectuals! They think they are right and we are wrong and uneducated. As for your brother...I think that is great that he has found his calling! That he can go to work and love his job!!
    Hugs and Merry Christmas

  2. I'd be upset if my child (or I) were studying under a straight person in the theater!

    I'm a jerk that way, I guess. Always thinking that straight people are inferior to gay people in certain fields.

    Bill is such a douche, isn't he? I love all the youtube videos of people running him in circles, especially women and children who he seems to have a really hard time even sharing the screen with!

  3. Sue Ann-- hugs back at ya!

    Lora-- Bill may be the king of douche baggery; but Glenn Beck is pretty damned close...

    and believe it or not, there are straight men in the theatre. I know, hard to imagine right? LOL

  4. Ellen - I think this was an incredibly brave and wonderful post. I try not to get political but its times like this when "they who are always right" just piss me off.

    I believe you and I have a mutual love going for Jon Stewart -- long may he live as the most trusted newcaster (still laugh at that).

    Ohhh and very cool about your brother!!! And its the true Christians in this world that accept everyone for who they are - anyone else is just -- well not Christian IMHO.

  5. I'm always amazed at the fear expressed about gay men being around children...either having them, working with them, mentoring them, etc. when the pedophiles are for the most part heteros.

  6. The first part is exactly why I can't watch Fox News without wanting to reach into my TV and slap them all. I get so sick and tired of our hypocritical slanted one way or the other news media outlets - ALL of them.

    Straight, gay, who cares? As long as he does his job well, and it sounds like he's fantastic at it, it's not an issue.

  7. Joanne--Jon Stewart is a god!! and kinda sexy too. [I find funny sexy]

    Ellen A--right on about the pedophiles!!! I believe the stat is 98% or something [I should be a good dramaturg and Google it....]

    Amanda--a "right on" for you too.