Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Men are mad things.

Oh Tiger, Tiger, Tiger….. My poor mother will be devastated by her boy.

You’ve gotten yourself in a real sh#t storm haven’t you. I get the whole privacy thing--really, I do. But the more you stonewall, the more people speculate.

And the truth is NEVER as bad a what people imagine.

You caught us all by surprise too. We’ve come to expect machine-like perfection from you. Not Kobe Bryant stuff.

What is it with people these days? Guess money/power do corrupt absolutely. I’ll never know….


  1. I guess when you become a celebrity and breathe that rarefied air you cease to function by societies rules. I don't envy the rich and famous. They live in fishbowls, everything they do and say is captured in an instant and broadcast all over the media and internet. They are held to a higher standard that we hold ourselves to - kinda sorta. But in the end, they lead a very lonely reclusive and difficult life. Some choose fame, others acquire it, but regardless - they pay a hefty price. I am not so disappointed in Tiger as I am in the unachievable ideal. I mean c'mon... if TIGER WOODS with the beautiful bright shiny young Scandinavian bride can't keep it in his pants, then we are all doomed. I guess what confuses me is this: how can you trust anyone? Ever? Under any circumstance when you're as famous as Tiger Woods? Everyone has their hand out and eventually even the saintly will fall. We Americans do love to elevate our stars to hero status and then delight just as much in their demise. Sadly, it could easily have been avoided.

  2. Such a sad tale! Tiger Woods has succumb to his fame and tripped right onto his beautiful face. It seems to me that all the critics where waiting for this day because they secretly hate this man. Golf is like a religion, don't you know! I do hope things work out for him though!

  3. Yep - one of the "untouchables" has become public fodder. I agree its none of our business but when you are appearing every day on my TV selling me something or playing golf or whatever then your private life becomes quite public. My hubby told me this morning this has been a long time coming that Tiger has always been quite the spoiled brat but his daddy and publicist always kept his reputation untarnished. Now dad isn't here to protect his boy.

    So aside from his marital blunders -- his avoidance of the police those first few days was his first mistake - fess up and let us get over it. The folks at The Daily Show did a great montage on their Dec 1 show.