Thursday, December 10, 2009

A man loves the meat in his youth that he cannot endure in his age--the sequel

--"ow, ow, ow...."

I knew tats would elicit much commentary... [and I have to admit I was briefly tempted a few years back--but then the meds kicked in and I thought better of it.] I'm so on the fence about this issue...... At least you can take piercings out as you age/mature, tattoos are pretty much FOREVER. Unless you can afford expensive laser surgery, that is....

I was actually too chicken to get my ears pierced til AFTER I'd given birth. I figured if I could survive that, I could survive piercing. I got a second earring in my right ear one day in between performances as Gertrude in Hamlet..... [I figured if I could conquer Shakespeare--well, you know where this is going.]

3 piercing stories:

When I was working at the theatre company, a production assistant from another theatre came in to pick up some scenic stuff as a rental. He steps up to the Box Office to asked for the head of Production. Well, he had at least 8 earrings in each ear, 2 in each eyebrow, a nose ring, a tongue piercing and something on his bottom lip. It was all I could do to not ask him to drop trou to see what else was pierced.

When my father passed away, my 2 brothers and I each flew down to Florida to be with our Mom. Well, just prior to leaving I'd had to basically get a buzz cut due to over-perming my hair. My older bro is there to meet me as I get off the plane [remember when you could do that--actually meet loved ones as they got off the plane?] He starts to gives me a big hug--and my hat falls off (it was January). "What the f did you do to your head?!?" [I really felt the love....] Later that day, we all go out to the pool to commiserate and he takes off his t-shirt. Lo and behold, pierced nips!!!! Take 10 guesses what I said.

And finally-
When my son was in 5th Grade, he asked to get his ear pierced. After much discussion about which was the "straight" ear, he got it done. The next day he goes to school [this was in 1986 mind you] and his teacher, who was probably the age I am now, freaked. I get a phone call:

Teach: "Mrs. D. do you realize that J has a pierced earring?!?"

Me: [rather timidly] " Um, yeah."

Teach: [incredulous] "You KNEW ABOUT THIS?!??!!"

Me: [even more sheepishly ( I was only 32 people)] Well, ....uh, .....yeah--I kinda drove him to the mall to get it done. [very quickly adding:] But I was recovering from the flu at the time, so I may not be entirely responsible."


  1. LOL! Funny you should be talking about this. I am getting my first tattoo after the first on the year!! It will be a rose on my ankle. No extra piercings though. Just my ears! LOL!

  2. Both my kids have tats. I was going to get one when I turned 50 but I couldn't decide on what piece of art I wanted permanently. But the body piercings (besides ears) I do not get. Especially multiple piercings all over your face! How do these people get jobs? And the ones that have those huge holes in their ear lobes...that's going to be so attractive when they are old mean.

  3. That's funny! Love the "I'm recovering from the flu" bit. My aunt got her eyebrow pierced for her 40th birthday. I'm still not sure why. I can't do piercings. The fibromyalgia makes the holes start to grow closed if I have them out even overnight. The ones I had in my upper ears, the cartilage started to grow to the piercings. They all had to come out. That's when I got ink.

  4. Hey, Amanda might be on to something. My holes close up a lot too. Not completely, but is that from FM?
    Weird dude.

    I feel like piercings (especially those extreme ones) are so permanent and disgusting. Also? They look stinky. I can always cover my tattoos, but I could never hide the fact that a soda can could fit thru my earlobes!! Ick. My belly hurts just thinking about it.