Tuesday, December 8, 2009

"Thought is free...."

this is so cool!!!!!
On 11/30, I got a huge compliment: the “Honest Scrap Award” from SueAnn’s Journey!!

Thanks tons, chica!!!! [I haven’t responded til now ‘cause it felt funny tooting my own horn]

There’s a caveat to it though, I have to list 10 things I haven’t written about before….
Now THAT’S gonna be hard. I think I’ve been a fairly open book in the short time I’ve been blogging… but, I’ll give it a whirl:

1) I used to march in parades and twirl a baton—I can still do a couple of twirls actually.

2) I am related to John Quincy Adams through my father’s side of the family.

3) My maternal grandfather used to outfit me every Easter from “soup to nuts,” so to speak. One year I asked for a pink dress and “a blue one to match my eyes.”

4) My “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon:” David Strathairn once did a production at the theatre where I used to work—and he was in THE RIVER WILD with [ta-da] Kevin Bacon

5) I have relatives I’ve never even met…. [but then again, who doesn't....seriously--who doesnt?]

6) When my daughter was pregnant we used to spend hours doing word games to take her mind off of being 16 and very uncomfortable.

7) My co-workers are hilariously warped—and I love them.

8) I don’t go to the dentist unless I absolutely have to. When I was about 8, the dentist drilled my tongue and I’ve been phobic ever since.

9) One talent I have been blessed with is an ability to pick up accents at the drop of a hat. It is great fun to occasionally fool people. Once a guy wanted me to work for his phone sex line cause I could be all sorts of foreign “femme fatales.” [Now, I'm rethinking my refusal....]

10) I’m an excellent seamstress and paperhanger. Haven't had much practice lately, but I'm sure I could get back up to speed relatively quickly. Anyone need any draperies made?

Okay, that took a little digging in my psyche... hope I didn't bore you all.
The best part is that I get to pass the award along to 10 bloggers I follow that I look forward to reading. So, in no particular order:

1) SueAnn’s Journey—right back attcha chica. You are a joy to read.
2) Lemonade & Kidneys—my friend Ruth who is dealing with Polycystic Kidney Disease with such grace and humor.
3) fever—Lora is AMAZING. Her humor, her truth…
4) Window to My Sol—Nancy really does share her soul.
5) Gloria’s Spanish View—G’s an ex-pat Brit living in Spain. And she’s a hoot!
6) Confession’s of Me— Brndoutw8ress is Pittsburgh’s sassiest server. Clearly, she’s got issues [LOL]
7) stuff from ellen’s head—what’s not to love about someone named Ellen
8) Casa Hice—the wonderfully warped Alix
9) Knucklehead—definitely certifiable…..
10) Stephanie Snowe—the Blog. Always intriguing, always honest—and usually hilarious.
Well that's it for now. Keep on blogging gang.


  1. Ack!! Back at me?? LOL!! I would be afraid of dentist as well if he drilled my tongue. Was he on crack?? Who knew you were a seamstress? Very cool!! You are one super lady!!!!!

  2. Hey Ellen,
    I came on here to reply to your posting...then I see this posting and well first off, I feel honored!!! This is a first award for me, so please explain me the logistics and what I'm supposed to do now? Do I post it on my page (as I've seen others do) with a re-direct back to your blog? Thanks for the honor, now clue me in!

    Secondly, drilled your tongue...holy crap!!! I would NEVER go back to a dentist again!

    Thirdly, thank you, thank you for the positive energy. and you're right, I've been a little M.I.A. in blog world. But I am drafting a new blog...so one should be popping out soon.

    Thanks again!!! :) Made my day/night an even better one! keep on blogging yourself lady!

  3. Holy cow! I come over here and am absolutely rolling on the floor because of how funny you are and I see you have bestowed the Honest Scrap honor on ME!. Wow! Thank you so much, Ellen.

    You know, I'm a little embarrassed to say this, but I was awarded the Honest Scrap a couple weeks ago and was kind of saving it until I had some good answers. I've done these before and once you let all the secrets out into the atmosphere, you kind have to keep looking over your shoulder for the CIA and FBI. So please be patient with me. I promise to post my own Honest Scrap ASAP.

    You are precious and I thank you.

    Now, about NUMBER NINE! We are twin sisters, I tell you! Twins separated at birth. I also have a knack for picking up dialects and accents. Until recently Australian has been a bit of a toughie for me, but I'm getting better. How is your Aussie tongue? And which accent was hardest for you to pick up? By the way, my daughter, Adrian, is brilliant with accents. She can pick up any dialect on the spot. She's amazing. And now I know how she can earn some extra Christmas money!! Thanks for the tip!

  4. Yikes! I'm trying to catch up on some of my followers blogs and I see this. thank you Ellen.

  5. Thank you so much!
    I'm embarassed that I'm so far behind on my Google Reader!
    I'm playing catch up today and was completely stressed about it but this award makes me happy!

    I wish I would've seen it earlier so I could've posted on this instead of what I did post about, which unintentionally ruffled some feathers. Ahhh, such is life.

    One thousand thank yous!