Tuesday, January 26, 2010

"When sorrows come, they come not single spies, But in battalions! " (Hamlet Act 4 Scene 5)

Okay, since about the 10th of this month life has been a non-stop onslaught of… stuff. Good, bad and CRAZY.

My show opened on the 14th [good] and the cast has been wonderful—each performance grows on the last one [Gooder]. The chemistry between the entire company has been just awesome—we all really enjoy hanging out. [Really gooder] And the reviews have been good too!

My mother arrived from California on the 16th—no delays, no cancelled flights [Goodest]

But it’s been kinda downhill since then.

Her furniture didn’t arrive until 5pm on the 23rd, so there went attending my company’s rescheduled holiday party. [Bad—I had a new outfit and a date and I didn’t get to wear either one out]. Sergei and friend worked til after 7 getting everything into the efficiency Mom is renting until my lease is up in June. She has 4 rooms worth of stuff in a 20x13 foot space—or as she put it: “10 pounds of sh*t in a 5 pound bag.” Ya gotta love my mom…… [Crazy]

Yesterday, I raced home at lunchtime [I won’t even go into how crazy work has been] to take her the 7 blocks from my place to hers so she could meet the cable guy to install the phone and TV—he never showed up [very bad—may have to sic Jim Carrey on him]. I discovered a “sorry we missed you” message on MY voicemail last night. Sheesh. [Badder and crazier] The appointment has been re-scheduled for tomorrow—keep your fingers and toes crossed. I don’t want her staying there until she has a phone and TV.

Her car was supposed to arrive today, but because of storms in the Rockies it has now been pushed back until February 1st. [way bad—she hates being dependent on other people]

And of course, all of this is costing more money…..

Nothing seems to have gone smoothly with this move….. [major BD karma to Younger Brother for creating this whole situation]
But God bless my mom—she has kept a great attitude and an amazing sense of humor throughout all of this. I put on a good front and then go stick pins in a doll of my brother when she’s not looking.


  1. I will hold the doll for you! LOL! Does sound like you are having a crazy time. Hope it all settles down soon!

  2. Just go with the flow. It does no good to fight it. Just stresses you out.