Wednesday, September 2, 2009

By the pricking of my thumbs,

just got an e-mail from my daughter--she's sliced her finger up and is in the ER waiting for stitches. My instincts are to drop everything, leave work and go be with her. What if she's damaged a nerve or something?Mamma hen worries about her chicks. [Of course, if she was able to e-mail me, it musn't be too bad--but she is a one-handed texter.]
I have spent my share of time at the doctor's or the ER with my kids. A few stiches here, a very high fever there..... And with my daughter, it seems as if all of the things that left marks were on her beautiful face! Including the time she managed to crash her car into a tree. [I told her, "Sweetheart, trees always win."] When my son was not quite 4 months old I rushed him to the hospital at the Jersey Shore. He had gastro-enteritis. I found out the next morning that he was so dehydrated that he was within hours of death. Parenting is a scary thing.
I was just thinking this morning that each new phase of a child's life brings a new set of worries for the parents--and as they grow, so do the worries.
That never stops--no matter how old your children get. My mom worries about me and my brothers [I got a panicked VM from her because I hadn't answered her e-mails (I've been really busy)], I worry about my two and my daughter worries about her son.
It's the "circle of life," I guess.

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