Wednesday, March 10, 2010

“My words fly up, my thoughts remain below; words without thoughts never to heaven go.”

Weird crap floating around in my brain:
Incredibly painful throbbing in my left foot woke me up at 4am this morning [after not falling asleep til 1] and all I could think of was Daniel Day Lewis.

The theme to Gilligan’s Island

I couldn’t find my jacket this morning as I was about to leave for work. I wandered around the apartment for a few minutes before discovering it hanging on the back of the bedroom door. That old chesnut “If it was a snake it would have bit me…” came to mind. And it struck me as a really f’d up expression—I mean I’d like to think I’d have noticed a snake hanging around the place right off the bat….

A 7th grade book report on mirrors—I wrote it upside down and backwards.

A song by Rancid played on the radio as I was driving in to work and it got me thinking about words that sound like what they mean… like “phlegm,” “succulent,” “vomit” [it sort of explodes out of your mouth], “ping pong,” “angular,”

Several quotes from Seinfeld—God they come in handy in almost ANY life situation.

That during my lifetime, our country has been run by a haberdasher, a retired general, a decorated war vet/celebrated author, a Texas teacher, a lawyer, a college football star, a peanut farmer, a B actor, former director of the CIA, a saxophone player, an idiot and a guy with the middle name of Hussein.

Do two gay brothers make a sister?

Why is it cold weather makes your nose run—shouldn’t it freeze that stuff up and the HOT weather make it run?

How I wish I really could laugh my ass off….

Questions from the Baltimore Catechism: Who made me? God made me. Why did God make me?

Boy I wish I could defrag my brain like I do my computer.

*illustration is from “bluemoonart at flickr”


  1. I like the paragraph which enumerates the leaders of your country. It looks like you're not very pleased with them; you're probably right about that.

  2. DUTA--i just find it fascinating that anyone really can become president here. I liked Clinton alot. The whole Monica lewinsky thing was sad, but she went after him with a vengence. And I admire Obama alot--he is trying his damnedest to fix the shitstorm handed to him by the aforementioned idiot.

  3. Loved the part about our presidents.

  4. Defragging our brains would be a good thing!! And that report, "upside down and backwards" very cool!! Took some creative thinking to do that!! LOL!!
    Hugging you
    PS No comment on the Presidents!!

  5. You know this got me to thinking about random thoughts over the course of a day. I wonder if anyone has ever kept track of that? I'd like to defrag my brain sometimes. You know what has seeped into my consciousness...the 'Potty Dance'. i would willfully strangle the person who came up with that.

  6. I quote Seinfeld at least 20 times a day! I love when people "get" the reference!