Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Thou art the Mars of malcontents. -The Merry Wives of Windsor. Act i. Sc. 3.


Have you noticed that people complain a lot these days? [Hell, that seems to be why Fox News is in existence] They complain about their jobs, their kids, their significant others….

The In-laws

Cars [Hope none of you own a Toyota—you get a free pass these days]

The government

The weather….. [well, if you live in the Mid- Atlantic, right now that’s okay]
I won't get into the people who take it to epic proportions and go all Rambo on things--that's a whole other issue.

We’ve become a bunch of whiners. And I include myself in this—I’m guilty too. Sometimes when I'm home alone, I find myself acting like a cranky 2 year old. It annoys me; I don't like when I get like that. But I think I generally have a pretty positive attitude. Because so many of my jobs have entailed dealing with the public, I have learned to “put on a happy face.” I remember getting home from a very busy 6 hours at a retail job and telling my then 6 year old son to give me a few cause “Mommy’s run out of nice for now.”
Life has handed me a lot of lemons over the years—but I try very hard to make lemonade out of them. It ain’t always easy, but I’m try. So give me some props peeps.

Some people thrive on whining, though. It’s a lifestyle for them. They’re not happy unless they’re bitching about something. They approach strangers on the street and moan about how their life sucks. It’s scary. I hope you never get cornered by one of these folks. If you work in some kind of service job, it’s unavoidable though.

Why do you think this is? This general devolving into a bunch of crybabies…. Are we under more pressure than our ancestors were? Anyone have a clue as to what’s going on?


  1. You are right! Our world is infested with whiners and I can't tell you why? There is a lot of stress nowadays...and life has become so fast paced. It is hard to keep up and many people feel like they are drowning I think. Not enough money, time or life in general. It is a sad state of affairs. Is there hope??

  2. The worst part is it's contagious. When I was working in an insurance office, I'd have to smile the whole way home to try and fake myself into a good mood at the end of the day. Although, I say I get a free pass to occasionally complain about the gov't being an Army spouse ;) It's like being a Toyota owner.

  3. that's so funny that you posted this blog. cause I recently posted a couple things about whiners and complainers on my facebook account.

    ..instead of complaining that the rosebush is full of thorns, be happy that the thorn bush has roses
    ..stop your fucking bitching and be grateful for what you have (and even don't have)!!!
    ..and the last one is a picture (which I haven't figured out how to do in a comment format) but its of uncle sam pointing at you and saying "I want YOU to stop whining!"

    hahahaha!!! I hate whiners! and when my son whines...i simply tell him "I don't understand your language of whining" or "I can't hear past all that whining!" or I totally ignore it. It actually works cause he rarely uses a whiny voice!

    we need to all stop listening and acknowledging whiners! I tell my employees, don't come to me with gripes and problems, come to me with solutions to your gripes and problems, then i'll listen. otherwise, keep your bitching to yourself!!!

    okay that's all I have for now! have a great day Ellen!!

  4. LMAO--

    "sol"--tell us how you really feel. it isn't good to keep things bottled up.

    love it!! xo-Ellen

  5. I'm totally a venter, that is me but never ever at work and I mean never. I find it totally inappropriate to whine at work. I vent with my closest friends and at home and certainly not all the time but when something gets me in a tither I don't hold back, I have incredibly low blood pressure so I guess it is good I don't keep it bottled up (LOL).
    As far as us having more stress, I don't buy it. I think we are wimps. The sense of entitlement has created the whining and we have lost our fight so we whine.