Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snowmageddon 2010

I'm taking a one-time break from Shakespearean quotes for my post titles to show what Philly was hit with today....

Road crews are exhausted trying to stay on top of this second "Nor'easter in 5 days. [a shout out to my friend "Murph"--thanks to you and your crew for doing what you do.]

At around 2ish, they closed every major road in the area except I-95. Unheard of in my lifetime.

Of course the kids were loving it--no school and sledding. [what do they know from a blizzard]

Thank God my company hooked everyonne up to work from home today, so I didn't have to venture out onto the roadways---though some crazy folks did. I won't be able to dig my car out for awhile, so I've gotten permission to work from home at least for tomorrow as well. And I'm sure many others will do so too. The guy to the left seemed to think it was August or something....


  1. Amazing!! We have been getting snow as well but nothing like this!! Glad you could work from home. Stay safe and warm...dry too!! LOL!

  2. So sorry for all the folks snowbound. So glad it's not me.

  3. Holy crow, it's really shut you guys down, eh?

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