Sunday, February 7, 2010

now is the winter of our discontent

28 and a half inches this time--and another storm coming on Wednesday!

Enough already. It started at around 6pm on Friday night and kept going non-stop til about 3pm on Saturday. OY!
I lost power for about an hour and a half, but fortunately my mother's building didn't.

Poor mom hasn't had to deal with snow for over 3 decades--and she had to come back to one of the worst winters we've had in years. Her temporary digs are 5 blocks from me, but it might as well have been 500 miles--neither one of us was going outside.

Today was the great dig out--phase one: find my car.

That took a few minutes. Then I had to start digging it out.

That wasn't as bad as I thought it would be--for once I did something right. I parked up next to the back of my building. The way the wind was blowing the snow sideways during the storm caused the snow to drift in such a way that I only had to dig about 2 feet from the back of my car to get to the plowed area of the lot.....

Parking spaces are at a premium at my building under normal circumstances--snow like this really screws things up--and they do a lousy job of plowing too, which doesn't help. Because of my knee, I can't go traipsing through the snow, so I will have to resort to putting a lawn chair in the spot I've dug out when I go to work tomorrow. Yeah.

A pox on Punxatawny Phil and his frickin' shadow.


  1. Well that is one way to hold your spot. Hope it works out for you!! I am so ready for spring!!

  2. I am hoping that holds your spot, what a lot of snow,take care.

  3. We've sent you all this, but don't tell anyone!

  4. Grumpy Old Ken--thanks

    But NO THANKS!