Wednesday, October 14, 2009

the glass of fashion

I will admit that I like clothes… no I love clothes. When I was first out of school and working, I spent every Saturday shopping. I had the latest everything. Then when my kids were little, I dressed them in the cutest stuff I could find and managed to make myself look pretty good in bargain finds. But my post-menopausal body has taken all of the fun out of fashion for me. Things don’t fit right, sizes are getting larger [or the manufacturers are making clothes smaller] and black has become my “signature color.” It’s very frustrating.

The other night, I met up with my childhood girlfriends for the first time in close to 40 years. It was a night of hilarity and memories that I hope we get to repeat on a regular basis. Lots of funny stories about our lives since becoming adults, but I also noticed a common theme of body image issues. Not liking where things have shifted to, not wanting to meet a new guy til a few more pounds had been dropped, worrying about crow's feet and gray hairs....... Is that a baby boomer thing? [We sure hate getting older don’t we.]

I don’t think I know a single woman who says, “Yeah I’m hot and I have a rocking body.” [Including my size 2 gym-going 34 year old daughter.] Ladies—we’ve had babies; your body’s never the same after that. [Of course, since my youngest is 33, I guess I can’t use “It’s post-baby weight” as an excuse anymore can I?] We go through hormonal ping-pong every month—that’s gotta mess things up. Not to mention the hormonal meltdown they call "the change." [when I was little, I always used to wonder what you would change into]

And just to make things really fair—God gives us an extra layer of fat at birth! Thanks, that was really nice of you…..

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