Friday, July 10, 2009

We are advertis'd by our loving friends

I guess I have amazing advertising then--cause my friends are awesome. I have been so lucky to have been blessed with some of the coolest and smartest people in the world as my friends.

Most of them are fellow theatre folk--a varied and fascinating group. Ages range from an amazingly bright 17 year old to a spry 80-something. Some are actors for a living, many do it "for the love of." [The meaning of the word "amateur."} Some are very gregarious, but you'd be surprised how many actors are extremely shy when they don't have a character to hide behind. The common denominator is that they all still have a great sense of play--and see the ridiculous in so many things. We have hilariously clever--yet thought-provoking--conversations about a wide range of subjects. These are usually sparked by trying to get to the core of a moment in a play, but sometimes it's just random things that pop into our bizarre brains. You form instant bonds when you're working on a play together because you're putting so much of yourself out there. The bonds have continued for many years beyond the final curtain with so many of my castmates. They get me-- a big plus.

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