Thursday, July 23, 2009

"Sweets to the sweet."

I happily confess that I am a chocoholic. It is my "blankie," but it is also my Achilles heel... I often say "I would kill for some chocolate right now"--and I worry that someday I might actually mean it..... As much as I try to resist, I wind up needing a fix at least once a day. I used to work with a girl, actually, who referred to chocolate--and other candy--as crack. Chocolate will make any crappy day alot better.
Dark Chocolate is my favorite, but M&Ms rule too. Oh, and Oreo cookies and nonpareils and 3 Musketeers.... um, excuse me.....
Okay, I'm good now. What is this thing with chocolate? Why does it have such a pull for some and not others? I know for a long time I thought I was alone in my craving, but it turns out my mom and older brother suffer from this affliction as well. During a recent visit from both, we had lunch at a local eatery which is offering a decadent chocolate dessert--and donating a portion of the proceeds to a children's charity. As the three of us sat relishing every delectable bite, we kept repeating "It's for the children."
I don't care what anyone says, chocolate IS one of the four food groups.

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