Wednesday, August 10, 2011

What Fools These Mortals Be....

Ye Olde Blog Goeth Green Again--re-posting an oldie but a goodie....

 [ this comes to mind because my employer has relaxed the dress code for the summer and I am still surprised at what some folks think is good work attire.]

Seriously, I’m beginning to think no one looks in the mirror any more before they leave the house. Or if they do, they’re completely delusional. The get ups people walk around in. And go to work in!! I remember the days when you wouldn’t dream of leaving the house in anything but your best
Some people seem to have just given up altogether. Now, I am what is politely referred to as Ruebenesque So I try to dress in order to camouflage as many flaws as possible. Sometimes I even succeed. Apparently, I needn’t try so hard; it has become de riguer to “let it all hang out.”

And not just the celebrities who’ve had their lady parts splashed all over the internet because they possibly forgot to do a load of underwear. [I cannot even fathom leaving my apartment-IN A SKIRT NO LESS-without putting undies on. Hello!] Average everyday people are loose among us in some of the most bizarre ensembles. And they think they’re looking fabulous; that’s the scary/sad part.   [8-11= then there are the people who just seem to have given up all together and spend their lives in ratty misshapen sweatpants.]

Now, I don’t want to bring back the days of the hat and gloves people; I just want a little common sense. Somewhere in the deep, dark recesses of your brain there must be a little voice saying “You might want to rethink this.”


08-10-11 postscript: I think this post came to mind because the costumers were at my rehearsal tonight and we had an ongoing of assorted 1900s ensembles.     Some good, some not so good.    [the 3 different muted plaids on Editor Webb comes to mind.].    But--we have about half the cast costumed.    OUR TOWN is written to be simply staged, so, other than the wedding dress Emily changes into, everyone will have one costume throughout.    I kinda see the whole thing as one elaborate rehearsal that the audience is peeking in on...


  1. I agree! What ever happened to fashion sense?
    I am very tired of seeing pajama bottoms and bra straps!! Sheesh!!