Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Necessity’s sharp pinch! (King Lear 2.4.231)

As most of you know, I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes in February (on Valentine’s Day no less!! God has a wicked sense of humor sometimes)

So, for the past 5 months or so, I have had to completely readjust my diet and lifestyle. A huge “pinch,” if you will—but necessary if I want to avoid having to take insulin.

And a host of health problems as well:

                     Retinopathy—which can lead to Blindness

                     Bone and joint issues

                     Kidney failure

                     Heart failure

                     Infections—leading to amputations

                     Oh—and, uh,… DEATH

To name a few….

It’s been a challenge, but I’m trying. Initially I was a very good girl about checking my blood sugars three times a day; but sticking myself with those lancets hurts! Lately I haven’t been as diligent—and I scold myself appropriately. [I do try to remind myself that giving myself insulin shots would be worse….] As a result, I’ve learned that I would suck as an IV drug user…. So there’s a positive, right?

Exercise is recommended, so I’ve been trying to take walks when I can. My sleep issues make me tired most of the time, so this is not always easy for me to accomplish. I’ve tried to at least do a couple of laps around my floor at work—especially since the heat indexes around here have been through the roof this summer. Said heat is also causing the pollen/allergy situation to be a real bitch too. Lots of days with watery eyes and clogged ears. Add to that my bum knee and other aches and pains. And every time I think I might have the money for a gym membership something happens.

[I’m a mess—just take me out back and shoot me.]

On the dietary front, I have been pretty good at watching my carbs. I diligently go for whole grains when I do have a sandwich. And my pasta consumption has been cut by about 80%!! Oh—and this chocoholic must give a couple of shout outs to some folks who are saving my life: Voortman’s for their Fudge Chocolate Chip Sugar-Free cookies, Crystal Light for their zero carb/zero sodium/zero sugar lemonade flavored packets that make my water taste so yummy on a hot day and Trader Joe’s for their low-carb, sugar-free dark chocolate bars…

And their tofu “Cuties” ice cream sandwiches [you really feel like you’re getting ice cream]

I’m learning it is possible to have my treats while still watching my sugar and carb consumption. Cutting out salt/sodium was no biggie because I’d done that years ago. [I find I can’t eat anything that’s too salty now—it tastes weird to me.] And I have done well dining out too. I recently went to dinner with a friend to celebrate our birthdays. I ordered the flounder (stuffed with crabmeat); I had a choice of either fries or rice pilaf with it—and I chose the rice.

I may just beat this sucker gang.


  1. Regular reader (and fellow theater afflictee) delurking just to make sure you know that I'm reading you religiously, and thinking about you often. Proud of you for the courage and humor that you bring to everything you deal with... even the stuff that SUCKS. Keep yer head up, mate... there's folks in yer corner.

  2. Good for you. I would hate to have to deal with that. It runs in my family though. My maternal grandfather and my maternal aunt were both afflicted. It seems to have skipped my generation though and so far, the next.