Monday, January 3, 2011

… and to be boy eternal… ~ The Winter’s Tale

My inner 12-year-old boy seems to be breaking free more and more frequently these days.
Just within the past month I have found myself giggling as I encountered the following names:
                Anita Head
                Dick Johnson
                Ms. Sackrider

Why?   Why do I go instantly into Beavis and Butthead mode at these?

And can anyone explain my chuckles at the wording of an ad on Facebook for a dating site for those of us over 50:

                “Our mature male members….”

There have been others, but I can’t remember them now…   And I am not alone in this; I have several co-workers—doctors no less—who are right there with me in these giggle fests.    Of course, the fact that I feel compelled to share these gems with them is another frightening thing.     I have raised children, people.   I am a grandmother—I am supposed to have decorum.

I need help.


  1. I love that your inner 12 year old boy sneaks out every now and then. Keeps you young!

    my word verification is suckwerm. fitting somehow!

  2. Joanie--LOL, that's perfect.

    rock on inner 12-year-old boys!

  3. other Ellen--
    I have pretty much turned off my filters. I have to remind myself to reactivate them when in certain formal situations.

  4. Love it! We all have that inner 12 year old boy! I find him immensely amusing!!

  5. ellen abbott took the words out of my mouth...decorum is over-rated!

    adults need to find their inner child more often and maybe we'd be a world filled with more compassion, laughter, and happiness!

    there was this book I read that said by the time we turn 8 years old, our inner child, imagination, and creativity is killed by the adults around us. It mentioned that these traits are needed for success, confidence, and it went on (can't remember entirely truth be told). but the gist...don't kill your inner child!!!!

    thanks for your comments on my recent post! screw the ex is spot on! thanks for all your love and support!