Sunday, May 9, 2010

Thou art thy mother's glass, and she in thee Calls back the lovely April of her prime.

It seems like yesterday when I was first given the title. "MOM."

A small human being was placed in my arms and I was a mom. Of course, I had felt them inside me for months before that moment. But even that didn’t seem real.

Yes, the pregnancy and giving birth are amazing miracles. But it’s the years after that that really have an impact. It’s the kissing of the boo-boos and reading The Pokey Pony 20 times in a row. It’s walking the floor at night and changing the 15th diaper of the day.

It’s the sitting through a 4 hour dance recital to see your kid onstage for 4 minutes; standing in a 50 degree drizzle to watch them get at bat once. It’s laughing at a joke told all wrong or a story that no one could follow.

It’s going to 40 stores to find a prom dress—and sitting up all night to make sure they get home safely. It’s trying to calmly talk about such things as drinking and sex when what you really want to do is lock them in a closet somewhere.

It’s teaching them good values and then letting them learn from their mistakes. That’s what being a mom/parent means to me.

I tried to be a good mother, I hope I was. The fact that my daughter and son are the compassionate, caring people they are makes me feel I did something to be worthy of the title. And that my daughter has done such an awesome job with her son is Thanks guys for making me look so good.

And Happy Mother’s Day to all.


  1. Yes, happy Mother's Day. I spoke to both my children. I was not close to my mother as my kids know. I remarked to my son about it and that I thought I did a better job, that both my kids seemed to love me. Yes, we do mama, we love you very much, he said to me. The best present ever.

  2. Late as usual, but I had to swing by and wish you a belated happy mothers day, ellen.

    "It’s going to 40 stores to find a prom dress—and sitting up all night to make sure they get home safely."

    And now we know the reason for your blog name...

  3. 優質的好部落格,需要大家的支持! ........................................

  4. Ellen--your right--best present ever!

    Alix--yep, life has been a bittersweet symphony. And yes, I've had sleep issues since my kids were born.... OY!

    I used to work box office at a local professional theatre. One of the embryos I worked with was kvetching one day about having been up late all week to study for finals. I just looked at him and said : "I haven't had a decent night's sleep since Nixon was in the White House, so come find me in 30 years and we'll talk."