Saturday, April 3, 2010

Why so earnestly seek you to put up that letter? [DEAR SO & SO SATURDAYS]

I decided to join in on the venting…but… since I love alliteration, I’ve opted for “So & So Saturdays.” Check out the others [they’re way better at this than me….]




Dear Complexion—

WTF?!? Why all the zits lately? It’s ridiculous—I mean who’s gonna ask me to prom.

Hoping for peaches and cream,


Dear RuPaul—

You should not have sent Pandora Boxx home!! Miss Bitch Tyra needs to go—like weeks ago.

Your Friendly Fag Hag

Dear Car—

Please hang in there with me a little while longer. I know you’re tired, but I need you for another year maybe. I promise to feed you some oil first thing tomorrow. Thanks for being so good lately though.


Your driver

Dear Apartment Communities--

Please have websites with floorplans, features and rents--it would make our lives so much easier.

Dear Landlord—

Bite Me.

That’s it.

Your tenant

Dear Sleep—

God I miss you!! Feel free to come back any time—and stay as long as you want.

Dear Easter Dinner--

So, are we doing this? [God, I'll have to get all domestic]

Dear Secret Single Behaviors--

Enjoy yourselves while you can--we'll have a roomy come July.

Dear Bloggy Folks—

Happy Easter and Passover. May your eggs not be cracked and your bread be unleavened.

Xoxo, E


  1. Your Dear So and so was a riot! You did good girl!! LOL!!
    Happy Easter to you too!

  2. Sleep was at my house last night.

  3. That was great. I love the one about sleeping.

  4. I know that sometimes aspirin (even topical) can mess with Fibro, but I find that ground up aspirin tablets- dollar store brand is as good as any- mixed with honey and a bit of water to thin it out is the best acne remedy out there.

    here's why- you know the salicylic acid they sell you for like a million bucks in all the products? well, that's just aspirin. And glycolic acid? sugar. but honey is more gentle on your skin. and water is just water.

    why buy the extra chemicals when you don't have to.

    and of course good old plain white colgate works too, but I find it to be a little drying now that my skin doesn't spout oil the way it did when I was teenaged.

    adult acne is SO not cute.

    And thanks for the well wishes for my audition. And for the offer of help on a monologue. I'm not sure what they are going to have us do. They told us to come unprepared. The other night we got to do "documentaries" where two of us had to look into a pretend camera. SUCH FUN!!! I was sad that we only had two minutes a piece. I want to do them all the time now.

    You and me? Two woman show?
    Maybe someday?