Thursday, April 1, 2010

It is the stars, The stars above us, govern our conditions.

Happy April Fool’s everyone….

Did you play any pranks today? I don’t usually do it—too tired I guess.

Well, March didn’t exactly go out like a lamb in the far northeastern part of the country now did it…. I feel so bad for the people up in New England.

The Philly area is finally seeing sun for the first time in ages—we’d forgotten what it looked like.

It was interesting to see what the various days of last month were dedicated to…. I missed a few especially good ones:

March 5th—National Multiple Personality Day. [I used to try out my accents on my kids; I think they thought I had multiple personalities]

March 15th—National Everything You Think Is Wrong Day [I didn’t know Sarah Palin had her own day already….]

March 15th—National Dumbstruck Day [I feel that way pretty much every day—I can’t believe the stupid crap that goes on in this world.]

March 20th—Extraterrestrial Abduction Day [Did you ever notice that the folks who claim to have been abducted all live in Podunk? They’re never from a big city.]

March 24th—National Chocolate Covered Raisin Day [Damn!! I missed it!!!]

March 26th—Make Up Your Own Holiday Day [Seriously? Wow, the mind boggles.]

March 28th—Something on a Stick Day [oh, this should be a mandatory day off for every one….]
March 29th—Smoke & Mirrors Day [Sheesh—Washington does this EVERY day]

March 30th—I am in Control Day [I don’t think so…]


March 31st—Bunsen Burner and National Clams on the Half Shell Day [now there’s an interesting combo…]

Wonder what April is going to bring…..


  1. I don't know!! It scares me though!!

  2. I just read you blog header. Wow Catholic school in the 60s as a left-hander! You are a strong person. My mom used to try to get me to use my right hand, but she told me I was too stubborn the change.