Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A kind Of excellent dumb discourse. -The Tempest. Act iii. Sc. 3.

It’s Thanksgiving….. And we’re supposed to say what we’re thankful for….

I guess I want to say thanks for all of the events in my life that have given me funny stories to tell: [How about this= I’ll tell you the events, you tell me which stories you want to hear.]

My mother letting my then 13 year old brother stay home from school because he said he’d had a heart attack. “ I gotta give it to him on originality.”

Passing by a community theatre in Ireland and seeing they were doing a production of “Oklahoma.” I sang the score with an Irish brogue for the rest of the day.

My teenage son implying I was the family maid when I dropped him off at a party in my beat up car.

The hall where I was supposed to have my wedding reception burning down 5 days before the wedding. [Yeah, I actually got a funny story out of that.]

My grandson calling it the “stupid market” when he was 3.

The Pakistani guy who was selling velvet paintings outside the Pompidou Center –and who tried to pick me up.

My son hiding a very healthy marijuana plant in his closet. [Of course, I never told him about the one his father and I had in our first apartment.]

My mother-in-law wondering, regarding the Jewish portion of our niece’s wedding, if the men will have to wear “those little manures” on their heads.

My exterminator coming to see me in a play—in full clown costume!

Scoring my son’s friend on the total B.S. story he’d told his mother over the phone as to why he wasn’t home from school yet.

There are many more, but these came to mind the quickest. Yep—it’s been an interesting ride so far. What are your stories?

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  1. All of those sound like great stories I would love to hear! {well read} All I can think of right now are not so funny when we came home from vacation and found we had been robbed. Or, the day the house almost burned down. Etc, etc, etc. LOL!!