Friday, June 19, 2009

words, words, words

Anyone else exploding passwords out of their brain? I know I am. I have to remember passwords for 2 voice mails and the network at my job, one to log on to my bank account, for access to various other billing accounts, to post events for the theatre group I do marketing for, heck, even to log in and create this post. My head can't take it anymore.

The really annoying thing is my company makes us change passwords every 6 weeks or so--and it has to be completely different from the current one. Sheesh! Oh, and they want caps and a symbol in there too. My brain hurts...I'm reaching for the Ibuprophen...

I'm running out of combinations. I've used my kids birthdays, their baby nicknames, my address growing up, my first pet's name; I think I even used my bra size once. I have set aside a portion of my address book to keep track of everything. Otherwise, I'd be screwed. I mean, in high school I just left my locker open cause I couldn't remember the combination.

At this point in my life, there's just so much info in my "database" that I think I've run out of space. For reasons know only to the universe I can remember the most random stuff--like lines from plays I did 20 years ago--but passwords...

I wish you could defrag your brain.

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