Thursday, March 15, 2012

The devil can cite Scripture for his purpose. The Merchant of Venice, 1. 3

I am, no surprise, following this primary season with great interest.   

I am also getting scared to death of how the political discourse in this country has been reduced to such new lows.    Have any one of these candidates done anything more than pander to whichever group they are standing in front of?     Are real issues being discussed?

I don't think so.   It's just more finger-pointing and nothing is actually getting done.   Nothing real is being said.   And not a damned thing is getting accomplished.   We need to stop all of this partisan stalling and bickering and seriously address the problems in our country.    And, yes, we will need to make compromises.  [Oh no she didn't-she said that dirty word.]

I think this is how the whole election process should go down:

Each candidate gets the same amount of FREE airtime on all of the assorted cable outlets and network channels over an 8 week period prior to the election.    They are to use that time to tell how they would handle a particular issue facing the nation--and how they would pay for it.   Nothing more.   Tell us your plans and then get the hell back to the job we're paying you to do--being a Congressman, a Governor, a Secretary of State...

No grandstanding, no name calling...   AND-no PAC groups!!!!!!

We should also do away with the Electoral College-it's obsolete.   We've had too many elections hijacked by backroom dealings with Electoral College votes.    

And for God's sake--yes, I said God's sake, no co-opting the Lord for your political purposes.    I deeply resent being told that I am less of an American because I don't worship the way Candidate A or B does.    The wonderful concept of separation of church and state that our Founding Fathers so beautifully crafted has been twisted and destroyed over the past 15 years.    And it troubles me.

The Pilgrims endured unbelievable hardships to come to this land because they did not want the rulers telling them how to worship-or who.   That is a private matter between each individual and their particular deity, whatever it may. be.

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