Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Get thee glass eyes; And like a scurvy politician, seem To see the things thou dost not. ~Shakespeare

Okay, so I watched the President last night—and it was clear to me that he was trying very hard to maintain his cool. And it was also abundantly clear that he’s right. Enough is enough. Eliminating the tax cuts for the wealthy (which should never have been enacted in the first place) is the only fair and equitable thing to do. Congress: eliminating these cuts is NOT a tax increase!!! Hello! It is having the wealthy pull their fare share.

The thought of my mother trying to survive on less than the measly 12K she gets a year is unconscionable—especially when someone who makes 250K or more is allowed to keep most of that due to some convoluted tax laws. It is also unconscionable that congress will continue to be paid, get their free healthcare and their pensions while the rest of us have to decide between paying the rent or getting our medicine for the month.

Well, I did what the President said: I called my lawmakers. I left a voice mail for Rep. Patrick Meehan and I sent an e-mail to the Speaker of the House. Yes, tough choices have to be made, but not at the expense of the poor, the elderly and education!

Then, this morning I did my usual quick cruise of CNN and saw the following poll:

Will you contact your lawmakers about the debt crisis?

No 58% [4330]
Yes 27% [2032]
Already have 15% [1163]
Total votes: 7525

Really people?!? 58% can’t be bothered to let your representatives know how you feel about our debt crisis? Really?

You can find the time to vote on American Idol? You spend hours playing Angry Birds? For heaven’s sake, you even took the time to answer the freakin’ poll!!!! But you can’t find the time to contact your Congressman!?!?!?!?!

That is just sad. No wonder our country is falling apart.

P.S. Just checked it again:
No 57% [52245]
Yes 26% [24045]
Already have 17% [15498]
Total votes: 91788

Still pathetic…….

[Drag your mouse over the title of this post for a link to a breakdown of the various plans. AND THEN CONTACT YOUR REPRESENTATIVES AND LET YOUR VOICE BE HEARD!! Where would we be if Thomas Jefferson, Ben Franklin, John Adams and their cohorts were as complacent as we are?]


  1. I have voiced my concerns and I am tired of the "talks". Just do something and get off your butts!!