Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The worst is not, So long as we can say, 'This is the worst.' (4.1.27~ King Lear)

Well—lots going on since last we met. Both personally and globally.

On the personal front:

Still figuring out how to handle this whole diabetes thing. Most days I’m on top of it—had to make major dietary changes though. MAJOR. I went completely cold turkey on chocolate—now that was a sacrifice. But I know it’s my major weakness, so, like a junkie, I’m just better off not going near any of it.

I’m reading labels like a madwoman: how many sugars, how many carbs, how much sodium and fats… it can be daunting. But—I have to say it’s agreeing with me. I feel “lighter” mentally, if that makes sense—and I’ve lost about 10 pounds. Can’t argue with that right?

The one big drawback is that all of this seems to have triggered a return of my menopausal hot flashes. It’s ridiculous. I’m burning up all the time. Any recommendations anyone?

Oh—and I am starting on a new directorial project. I am doing OUR TOWN for Sept. 2011. It has always been a favorite, and I feel it is especially timely now.

We have had auditions and I’ve gotten 20 real great actors—it will be the largest cast I’ve ever worked with. I’m especially excited about the fact that for the first time the theatre will be presenting 2 school performances in the morning. I love presenting classic theatre to students. I have had the privilege of participating in two student performances myself and they were a total rush.

We don’t start rehearsals until mid-June, but I have lots to do…. I am designing the set and will write the study guide for the students. My awesome friends Rose and Keara are serving as A.D. and Producer, so they will be a huge help with the student performances. And the 10 million other little details. It’s exciting—here’s hoping this fibromyalgic diabetic can hang in there.

Now, for the global front….

Boy, the “you-know-what” has certainly been hitting the fan!! More political backstabbing undermining actually doing the jobs they were elected to do, more scandals in the Catholic church, more celebrity implosion (with the public lapping it up like milk) more wars in countries most of us have forgotten existed, floods throughout the Midwest, snow in places down South that have never had snow….. AND… massive destruction in Japan (with a possible nuclear holocaust thrown in).

Of course all of this prompts the Evangelists to say we’re in “The End Times.” But that’s been the case for eons—everyone feels they have proof that their time is when everything is going to fall apart and cease to be. Some of these people are even elected officials who prefer to govern by fear (kinda like how the nuns kept us in line back at Catholic school). We have no idea when or if existence as we know it will end. Although, the rate we’re destroying things on this planet gives one pause. And causes one to wonder are we bringing all of this on ourselves or is it part of some grander design?

Damn! Definitely not “Winning.”


  1. Congrats on the directing gig! That is super! I love working plays...so thrilling!
    My trick for the "end times" is to live each day fully and completely...not to waste one minute...so I am ready for whatever! My existence could end at any time...!!

  2. Good to have you back. Sounds you doing a bang up job on taking care of what ails you.

  3. i could never give up chocolate! congrats and good luck on the directorial project! you can do it! :)