Thursday, December 2, 2010

What fools these mortals be.....

Oh Philly—you so crazy….

Now, keep in mind that we are the city that threw snowballs at Santa  and some of this might make sense.


In hopes of helping smaller merchants during this economically strained holiday season, the city created a small shopping spot on city property near City Hall. It’s modeled after similar endeavors in Germany. Marketing geniuses that they are—and masters of the obvious—they dubbed it “Christmas Village.”

Well, apparently some city workers were offended by this—it’s not inclusive enough. So, the already cash-strapped city spent money to remove the offending word “Christmas” from the signs and planned to replace it with “Holiday.” I get it, I guess, let’s be ecumenical and open…..

Now, a mere 48 hours after the start of this kerfuffle, the word “Christmas” is being reinstated on the signs.


All of this begs the question “Have we taken political correctness too far?”

I have mixed feelings. I was raised Catholic, but became very disillusioned during my teen years. I subsequently attended a Baptist church during my late 20s—mid 30s or so. But the need to earn more money to stay alive necessitated my working weekends. I haven’t attended any sort of church in over a decade.

And with all the many scandals coming to light, I’m completely turned off to organized religion. But, I try to go with a “live and let live” approach to how others choose to worship. As long as it doesn’t involve human sacrifice, or pedophilia, hey, whatev……

And I have a healthy curiosity about the many forms faith takes. I’ve always felt schools should teach students about all of the main belief systems on this planet. That being said, I don’t think Christmas is a religious thing anymore. It’s all about sales and who gets the best gifts and drinking and eating and stuff like that. So what difference does it make what they call this commercial little spot on Dilworth Plaza?

Why not put up a Channukah bush and a Kwanza shrub too.      Anybody wanna weigh in?


  1. I couldn't agree more. Unfortunately there is that group who claims this is a christian country and this time of year is for christmas and the recognition of any other religious celebration or holiday is not wanted.

  2. Yeah it's out of control. I sort of miss the days when people said what they thought.