Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Though this be madness, yet there is method in't. ~ Hamlet

--or is there??

Okay, can anyone tell me why a 6 or 7 month old needs to be able to read? It’s not like they have to be able to tell road signs as they drive to work or something…..

And yet, there is a program that promises your toddler—even at the tender age of 6 months—will learn to read. Seriously?! I think this is ridiculous. I mean, c’mon….. Let kids be kids as long as possible for God’s sake.

I will admit, I took my kids for “swim lessons” at six months, but that was because we spent a great deal of time near a bay. I taught them not to touch hot things or sharp objects so they could avoid injury. I taught them how to go down the stairs backwards on their hands and knees so they wouldn’t fall and break tender little bones. It was my job as their mother to protect them.

It was also my job to let them be kids. I think we’ve lost sight of that. Everyone treats kids like trophies or something: “Look what So & So can do!” Kids are pressured to master things at younger and younger ages—in most cases so Mom and Dad can have bragging rights. It’s insane. I never see kids outside just playing anymore. They’re more overbooked than adults these days: play group, music lessons, sports practice, karate, art lessons….. When do they get time to just chill?


  1. Kids are definitely over-scheduled. But what is the point of being able to read at 6 months? I know that babies understand speech long before they are capable of making and saying words and they are capable of learning sign language before speech and be able to communicate that way. I can see the point of that. but what is the point of being able to read at such an early age? And how the hell do they know if a 6 month old is reading? they sure as hell can't tell you what they read.

  2. I remember getting up in the morning, getting dressed and after breakfast...I was out of the house. I played outside all day. Never got bored! Had plenty to do!! I think it is sad that today's youth haven't had this instilled in them. They have all become cave dwellers!! Sad!

  3. My kids learned to read fairly early, and by early I mean 4, simply from watching Sesame Street. They were also swimming by 4. They spent tons of time outside, playing with their friends.

    My kids had choir and scouts when they were young, because they wanted it.

    When my oldest girl hit high school, we had dance and voice lessons because she wanted to pursue a career in theatre, again because SHE wanted it. (she now works in radio... so much for all those dance lessons!)

  4. Next there will be credit cards for tots - charge and drool.

  5. I'm so with you on this. I think it's the ego of the parents to have their child be brighter than the next. Unfortunately it does not make them more "intelligent" since intelligence is "the ability to reason". Most anyone can be trained to perform and that's what many of these programs do with these children.

  6. When I was a kid my parents were just happy I stopped pooping myself by 3. They set low goals for me.