Monday, September 13, 2010

There thou mightst behold the great image of authority—a dog's obeyed in office.~ King Lear

Okay—this isn’t the first time this has struck me—I’ve just decided to blog about it….       I was inspired by something I witnessed as I was waiting at a stop light this morning.      A weird ritual I have seen numerous times at assorted hours of the day as I drive about the burbs.

I’ve had a dog in the past and I loved her dearly, she was a member of our family. But, fortunately, our dog owning era ended before the “scooper laws” came into effect.      And it’s a good thing too—cause I think it’s a stupid law.

I mean it’s shit people—it’s biodegradable.     It doesn’t make sense.     As long as the stuff isn’t on the sidewalk, let nature take its course I say.      Why would you want to stick it in plastic bags and then throw it in the trash where it will fester and smell to high heaven?     


This morning I watched this very well-dressed young corporate type conducting what I assumed was a business call as his dog crapped on the lawn of a law office nearby.      [I know, some might think that’s poetic justice and for that reason he shouldn’t have had to pick it up….]       There he is, looking all yuppie, scooping do-do.       I cracked up when I saw that his leash had a receptacle on the end of it that held plastic poop bags.

Yeah—a yuppie.

And we are supposedly the superior species on this planet.      Yet, we’re the ones picking up the poo.      Weird.

I think that’s why life forms from other planets haven’t contacted us.     They observed us for awhile and assumed the dogs were the ones in charge.

… And they might think this is real:   


  1. I know! Right? Stupid. Unless you have kids that run and play and roll around in your grass, what's the big deal?

  2. If I lived in the city and had a lawn...I would want someone else's dog crap in my yard!! No way!! But I live in the country...up in a mountain valley. Dogs, coyotes, rabbits and the like poo in my yard all the time!! Ha!! But I have 3 acres and I will never see it or smell it. So no biggy!!

  3. I'm so with you on this one. As long as it's on grass, who cares. What about all the cats that wonder around doing there business wherever they want without anyone scooping it up.

  4. It may be biodegradable, but try telling that to your spouse when you step in it and walk it through the house.

  5. Thanks all for the feedback. I had another thought--what if you're a cop with the K9 Corp....
    and your dog is answering nature's call when you get one to catch a killer or something?

    do you take the time to scoop the poop?

  6. Nice blog.

  7. I say if it's bio-degradable, let it stay where it was dumped.

  8. very thoughtful post.As it reminds Yahoos from Gulliver's travels.

  9. Hey there. Thinking of you and I hope that your absence these last couple weeks is due to you having lots of fun and living life and that you aren't all balled up in a corner somewhere trying to find a comfortable position.

    This month has been super painful for me, so naturally I've been wondering how you are feeling.

    Love to you, lady. Take care of yourself

  10. oh, also: