Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune

A dear, dear friend once told me he admired the fact that no matter how much life knocked me down; I kept getting back up again.      I thought that was a good thing, but lately I’ve been wondering if it just means I’m too stupid to know when to stay down….
Most of the time, I’m a pretty upbeat person.      I’m generally in a good mood and can laugh about pretty much any situation.     But once in awhile, it gets me—life’s penchant for loving to just piss all over me that is.     I can’t help but wonder why some folks just sort of tap dance thru life with nary a care….

Of course, I’m only viewing things from the outside.   I have no idea what goes on when they’re in private.      Even in today’s all-access world, there are still some things we aren’t privy to.   Google Earth only zooms in so far.

Life’s latest little hiccough for me is the whole car thing.    I have reached the point of diminishing returns: it is not practical to put any more money into my current ride.     Okay, I took a big girl pill and crunched some numbers and came up with what I can reasonably afford for a car payment.      It ain’t much peeps.      So, my choice of vehicles is very finite…..

I got my sorry butt up and out early Saturday to clean out the last of the junk I’d left in the car when I moved [I’ve been too pooped to pop in all of this heat—and unpacking was consuming a lot of my time].    Then I drove over to a nearby car wash and got the $10.00 special to primp the old girl up a bit.    It was one of those deals where you stay with the car as it goes thru—surprise, my  recently acquired [read: since menopause] claustrophobia extends to car washes as well.     Okay E—do that Lamaze breathing thing… peak thru the suds at the lights of the officey part…. Take every opportunity to “see the light at the end of the tunnel”  [a metaphor for my life?].

Made it!     Now it’s time to go to the local gas station that has a coin operated car vacuum.     Drop $1.25 in quarters into the confusing slot area aaaannnddd….. nothing—damned thing is busted.     So I give it my best shot with a whisk broom and my fingers.     SIDEBAR:  I am very neat at work and do my best to keep my apartment organized and straightened up, but I am a slob in my car!!  Bad Girl, E. BAD!!!

Alright, so I get Bessie quasi presentable and head over to a local dealer to look at a car I saw on their website.     I have a 3pm appointment.      I get there, but the car is at their other lot about 20 minutes away.    Okay—they’ll bring it back over.   I’ll be patient and wait cause it’s in my price range and their handy dandy payment calculator told me the payment would be under $100.00.      I could do that……

Guess what folks—you can no longer finance a car that is over 5 years old OR one that has over 100K miles on it.  WTF??!!??    What are poor schlubs like me supposed to do.      Okay—I do some rapid mental math [my 5th & 6th Grade nuns would be in shock, believe me] and decide if I give up doing anything extra like, I don’t know, say eating, I could handle around $135.00 or so a month.      Okay, the guy lets me test drive a really nice 2004 Nissan Sentra.   Only 44K miles on it.   Alright—me likes.     He tells me with what I have to put down, and the paltry sum they will give me for poor Bessie,  He can get me a payment of $139.00 a month.    By now it is almost 5:00, so their assorted financial institutions are gone for the day.   We do the whole app thing—he graciously shows me my credit score, which is about a B—B+.   Not bad, girlfriend!        We shake hands and he says they will be in touch on Monday afternoon.

So, I go home, mentally arranging my existence to accommodate this turn of events—and starting to look forward to driving an automatic sweet little car [My messed up knee cannot handle stick shift anymore, unfortunately.]

Well guess what—because I am being responsible and VOLUNTARILY put myself in a debt management program to get rid of my credit card debt, I was turned down for financing.

Yep—peed on yet again.    Sheesh.

So, now it’s see if I can get a loan thru a bank myself…. Why does everything have to be so hard???

“Into each life a little rain must fall….”      Yeah, well I’ve got hurricanes over here.


  1. Sorry to hear about your car troubles. We took a massive financial hit in July. Had to buy a new riding lawnmower for the country 'estate' and a new central air unit AND the computer blew a gasket.

  2. Other Ellen--
    Holy Crap!! You've got a hurricane too. Here's to sunnier days.....

  3. Good luck! We were without any transportation for too long when our car was totaled. Don't try the city buses.

  4. Well that truly sucks!!! I have been hit by the old financial thingy too! TV blew up and I know it is a luxury item....but it was MY TV!!! So had to get a new one...yikes!!!!!!!
    Hope you can get that loan!! Wish you all kinds of sunny and blue skies!!

  5. Saralah--Busses in the burbs are a bitch. You have to allow around two hours to get to where you want to go....and I am so not getting up a 5 to catch a frickin' bus at 6 to be at my desk by 8.

    Slommer--a TV is NOT, I repeat NOT, a luxury item. LOL. I don't know what I'd do with out my TV. No Jon Stewart--heaven forfend.

  6. So sorry to hear about your car troubles. Banks and financial institutions have gotten meaner and pushier, though we are the ones suffering the most in this recession. How about credit unions?

  7. Stay positive. Things are tough everywhere. I;m going through some crap as well but the stress of life was giving me health problems. I had to learn to let go and be around family and friends, and an occasional bottle of wine

  8. This sucks!! Fingers crossed for you that a solution presents itself :-)