Wednesday, July 21, 2010

As indifferent as children of the earth.—Hamlet, Act II [Rosencrantz]

Is it me or has anyone else noticed that people in the 18—25 age range are tending towards this “bored with the whole world” thing lately?      I’ve met many whose whole demeanor gives off an “I’m just so over it” attitude towards everything.      It manifests in how they move, how they talk, everything.     Are the rest of us really that tedious to you? At that age, what do you have to be so jaded about?     If I remember correctly, my age group was on fire to change the world.     This bunch doesn’t seem to give a shit.

What has happened that has caused such apathy?     Cause it scares the hell out of me—these are the people that will be running things when I’m in my dotage.     Why don’t they seem to be invested in world affairs?      Is it having grown up witnessing presidential sex scandals, the advent of reality TV—and all of the fame whores associated with it; or was it the rampant corruption in corporate America?       Was it athletes “doping” or someone basically stealing the Oval Office?     The economy?      The implosion of our educational system? What??

Granted, there are exceptions out there.      And I have met a few of them.      There are kids who are doing things to help their fellow man.       And it is always exciting to me when I come in contact with someone under the age of 30 who genuinely seems to be aware of the world around them [for all of the instant access we have nowadays, some are suprisingly clueless].        It gives me hope.

I just wish I knew how to light a fire under the rest of the bunch’s asses.

                                                                         ◊ ◊ ◊

Keeping with the “dotage” theme:

It has been interesting living with my mother for the past 3 weeks.     Having not been around her on a day-to-day basis, I still had a mental image of her as a 57 year old [God—the age I am now!].      But she is definitely 87.      Granted a very awesome 87, but I definitely see an “old lady” at times.      She has her routine that she likes to follow and I am trying to adapt to that—I figure she’s earned the right to have things her way.     She’s fiercely independent and will try to do things she really shouldn’t, so I am seeking ways to diplomatically circumvent that.      Any suggestions?       Her hearing is bad, so we wind up with the TV blasting at warp volume a lot.       I found this earpiece thingy at the store though that she was amenable to wearing—it looks like a “Blue Tooth” attachment—very cool.

Throughout all of the chaos of the past 6 months (the brother drama and moving twice), she has maintained her wonderfully skewed sense of humor.       One of the things she schlepped across the country was a 12-pack of paper towels she'd gotten on sale late last year and hated to leave behind.      As we found a place for the package in the new digs, Mom looks at me and says: “Now it’s a wait and see who runs out first, me or the towels.”

I love my mommy.


  1. "see who runs out first" Ha!! You mom is a hoot!! Sounds like things are moving forward in a positive direction. Not easy to go back with living with mom. Good luck to both of you!

  2. Your mother sounds like a gem, Ellen!

  3. Wow, I love this post. I find my self wondering the same as you about our youthe,(pronounced Yute up north)
    I am very worried about this upcoming generation. They all have that "let somebody else do it" attitude and disinterest. (Of course I didn't get interested myself until lately)

    And I love your mom's sense of humor.

  4. okay, the towels thing made me laugh out loud. :-)

  5. SueAnn & Ruth--Mom is a gem of a hoot (or would it be "Hoot of a gem?")

    Dragonfly--"The two what?"

    Kevin--did you do a spit take? (thanks, by the way--I love making folks laugh)